The Cheerleaders DVD Review

Written by Peter West

DVD released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

Directed by Paul Glickler
Written by Ace Baandige and Paul Glickler
1973, Region 1 (NTSC), 84 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on August 5th, 2003

Stephanie Fondue as Jeannie Davis
Denise Dillaway as Claudia
Jovita Bush as Bonnie
Brandy Woods as Debbie
Kim Stanton as Patty
Sandy Evans as Suzie
Richard Meatwhistle as Jon
Jonathan Jacobs as Norm
Raoul Hoffnung as Mr. Novi
Patrick Wright as Coach Pat Gannon
Terri Teague as Miss Isabel Fields
Jack Jonas as Mr. Davis


The Cheerleaders of Amorosa High School pretty much rule the roost. Envied by all the other girls, they even have their own separate section of the locker room at gym class. However, trouble is upsetting paradise when one of the girls has to leave the squad after getting pregnant. Fearing a repeat performance by a new member they choose Jeannie, who is the only virgin in the school, to be the new cheerleader. Jeannie's initiation is to take a shower in the boy's locker room. And, of course, the boys show up!

We find all those things you worried about at school are true. The retarded janitor is peeping into the locker room. The female gym teacher that looked so long and lovingly at the girls really did want them...and yes, that was the bus driver having sex with one of the girls as he was driving! At Amorosa High, the football coach reviews game plans with a cheerleader in football pads and the coach in his jock strap!

Jeannie feels uncomfortable being the only virgin and clumsily attempts to lose her virginity in one botched plan after another! It turns out the janitor is also the local drug dealer, bookie, and pimp, makes plans for Amorosa to lose their next game by having the girls screw the football team's brains out! See, back then in the 70's athletes lost all of their energy having sex and never fooled around before game day!

In a wild orgy at Jeannie's house the girls unwittingly do in their own team. Even Jeannie's Dad gets a piece of the action. But somehow among all the naked flesh, Jeannie maintains her cherry! Realizing their mistake, the girls set out to do in the opposing team. Their plan was fool-proof, with the exception of them missing the fourth string quarterback! With the game at stake, the girls set out after him. They are foiled again by the janitor/pusher/bookie/pimp. Now it's all up to Jeannie! Will Jeannie succeed in seducing the only player with any juice left in him? Or is Jeannie doomed to be a virgin forever and Amorosa destined to lose? You have to watch the thrilling conclusion of The Cheerleaders to find out!


I saw this movie back in 1973 when it was rated with a self-imposed X. That's a story in itself if you listen to the commentary, which I strongly suggest you do! Good, clean porn are the only words I can use to describe this movie. Almost every actor's name is fake since this was a non-union job, and I am sure that only one actor, (the coach Patrick Wright) even has it on his resume! Goofy and zany, it is a welcome break from the idiotic teen movies we see nowadays! Anchor Bay has put together a great collection here. I can't wait to review the second of the three movies! These girls may not be Russ Meyer material, but they are wholesome enough for me to recommend you bringing The Cheerleaders collection into your living room... Well, maybe your den. Okay, your bedroom!

Video and Audio:

Look at the screenshots! All of the breasts are firm, well-rounded, and have a nice bounce to them! I'd say that's good enough for me! Presented in an anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen The Cheerleaders looks as good today as the first day it graced a drive-in screen in 1973.

With a clean Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack, you can hear every groan, squeal, push, and thrust with great clarity! The soundtrack has songs that would make Bobby Sherman or the Partridge Family blush. But are you really watching this movie for the sound?

Special Features:

  • Widescreen Presentation Enhanced for 16x9 Televisions
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Radio Spot
  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Producer/Director Paul Glickler and Writer Ace Baandige
  • Posters & Advertising Art
  • Production Stills Gallery
  • Behind The Scenes Stills
  • Cheerleader Cheesecake Gallery

The commentary with the legendary Paul Glickler and Ace Baandige is as enjoyable as the dialog in the movie! I bet it cost more to put this DVD together than it took to make the movie! Another excellent job by Anchor Bay!


Video: 4.5 Stars
Audio: 4 Stars

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