Joe Bob Briggs Presents: The Double-D Avenger DVD Review


Reviewed by Peter West


DVD release by Elite Entertainment



Written and Directed by William Winckler

2001, Region 1 (NTSC),  77 minutes, Not rated

DVD released on August 10th, 2004


Kitten Natividad as Chastity Knott (The Double-D Avenger)
Haji as Hydra Heffer
Raven De La Croix as Dr. De La Croix
Forrest J Ackerman as Museum Caretaker
William Winckler as Cousin Billy (as Bill Winckler)
Mimma Mariucci as Pirate Juggs
Sheri Dawn Thomas as Ooga Boobies
G. Larry Butler as Al Purplewood
Gary Canavello as Bubba
Lunden De'Leon as Ta Ta Leader Orbs
Andrea Ana Persun as Adolfina Hitbrakes
Ray Verduzco as Ronaldo the Guide





Bar owner Chastity Knott (Kitten Natividad) is diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Her only chance at survival is to go to South America and find the Ta Ta Tribe, who can lead her to the miraculous Crockazilla plant which can cure her disease. Arriving in South America her wide-eyed guide Ronaldo leads her to the Ta Ta's where she encounters Orbs, the leader of the tribe. Bringing her to the Crockazilla field, Orbs shows Chastity that the plant is not eaten due to it's sour taste, however the skin is sweet when licked. A natural at orating the Crockazilla, Chastity overdoses and passes out.


Arriving home, Chastity discovers as a side effect of the Crockazilla she has gained superhuman strength and her once diseased breasts and now indestructible. Across the street owners of an adult club are hatching a fiendish plot to do in Chastity whose bar is taking away too much business from them. Club owner Al Purplewood dispatches his team of deadly strippers Hydra Heffer, Pirate Juggs and Ooga Boobies to do in Chastity. When they attack Chastity, her boyfriend Bubba takes it right in the face and gets creamed. Vowing revenge, Chastity uses her new found powers to become the Double-D Avenger.


From this point on it's a battle of the double D's as Chastity takes on the evil Purplewood and his crew of chesty criminals. From the Hollywood Wax Museum to the Booby Trap lingerie shop, it's one big battle of bouncing bazookas. With a well-placed cameo by 'Mr. Science Fiction' Forrest J. Ackerman as the Museum caretaker, it's one breast joke after another until in a humongous hooter tribute to Chesty Morgan in Deadly Weapons, Chastity smothers her foe with her indestructible double Ds!





Joe Bob says this could have been the Citizen Kane of hooter films. I prefer to think of it as the Citizen Kane of tittie tease! However don't let the fact that none of these boobies bust out of their cages detract you from checking this one out. I feel that bare breasts probably would have taken away from this homage to the Russ Meyer films of an era when bigger was better!


The Double-D Avenger is the product of home grown Hollywood writer/director William Winckler. After years of pitching his ideas to Hollywood and having limited success, he took all of his money out of the bank and created this honker classic. Through the miracle of digital video, The Double-D Avenger has some pretty good production values for it's meager budget. Yes the script is corny, yes every cliché for breasts is used at one time or another during the film. The bottom line is this movie is good clean fun. Winckler gives us "Benny Hill" style adult humor and lots of eye candy to look at. With a combination of "older" and younger endowed stars The Double-D Avenger is sure to put a few smiles on your face. These older stars could have stayed at home collecting disability for the back problems caused by these massive mammories, yet they come back to please us inThe Double-D Avenger!


Initially Winckler was going to hire a younger actress to play the lead, however after somebody pitched the idea of Kitten Natividad (she was available) playing Chastity, Winckler then made the film into this Russ Meyer tribute to the days when boobs were big and so were the grins of the guys looking at them. In her heyday Kitten Natividad was one of the highest paid strippers in the country, and while never performing hard-core herself, she starred in several adult films. It's also a tribute to Kitten Natividad's personal strength to play a role where the character is facing breast cancer since, she herself had a double mastectomy for treatment of breast cancer in October 1999.


Joe Bob Briggs' commentary again hits a home run doing what Joe Bob does best, talking about breasts. It's almost like this movie was made to have Joe Bob talk about it. He can make the most trivial bit of info on a character entertaining. I was surprised during the lingerie scene at the Booby Trap that Joe Bob recognized a couple of girls as being adult film stars, while professing to have no expertise in that genre! During a lull in the action Joe Bob with teach you every euphemism for breasts ever thought of by man!


Elite Entertainment has put together a great little package with this DVD, and I myself can't wait for the next entry in the 'Joe Bob Presents' series. Big kudos have to go out to William Winckler for resurrecting these Russ Meyer vixens and introducing us to some new beauties like Sheri Dawn Thomas (check out the link to her website) and Lunden De'Leon.



Video and Audio:


Shot on digital video and presented in a full frame 1.33:1 aspect ratio, The Double-D Avenger has an excellent picture quality to it. The cinematography focuses well on the two things that count in this movie. Bouncing or level, what's up front is what this movie is all about!


Both the soundtrack of the film and the Joe Bob Briggs commentary are presented in Dolby Digital 2.0. Nothing spectacular music-wise as far as the Double-D theme, more of the kind of stuff you would expect from a '50s cop drama. It's all real clean free of drop-outs or hissing. To tell the truth though, with the exception of a few minutes of the film, I only listened to the Joe Bob Briggs commentary to watch the movie. You can hear most of the dialog through that track anyway. Isn't that what the Joe Bob Briggs Presents series all about?



Special Features:


  • A Bra-Busting Commentary from Your Host JOE BOB BRIGGS
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Never-Before-Seen Behind the Scenes, “Making Of” Documentary
  • Still Photo Gallery



The 'making of' documentary is almost as long as the film and is well worth taking a peek at. The still photo gallery has some tempting shots of the buxom beauties from the film during their better days as well as publicity shots for the film and it's crew of curvaceous creatures.





Movie: 3.5 Stars
Video: 4 Stars
Audio: 3.5 Stars
Features: 4 Stars
Overall: 3.5 Stars



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